4 Family Planning Options to Consider

Mar 13, 2024
4 Family Planning Options to Consider
You’ve been thinking about the different options available for your reproductive journey and maybe comparing notes with women close to you. Explore five family planning options for pregnancy prevention and improved fertility here. 

When it comes to being in charge of your future, family planning plays a major role in how you navigate your reproductive health and fertility. Whether you’re looking to pause or expand your family, understanding your options empowers you to make better choices for your well-being. 

At LocalMD in Maspeth, Queens, and Lower Manhattan, New York, our dedicated team offers services to help you navigate these life-changing decisions and protect your reproductive health. No two women’s bodies are the same, which is why we provide various family planning options that suit your specific needs.

1. Hormonal birth control 

A popular family planning option that offers flexibility, hormonal birth control methods such as pills or implants offer temporary contraception for as long as you’d like to avoid pregnancy. These methods regulate your hormones to prevent ovulation and alter your cervical mucus to impede sperm movement.

Although this is a highly effective way to prevent pregnancy, you must use it consistently to yield the right results. It’s also important to discuss with our team the potential side effects the hormones can have on your body. 

2. Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

Your provider inserts these small, T-shaped devices into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. They come in both hormonal and nonhormonal varieties and provide long-term contraception with minimal effort. It’s reversible as soon as you wish by simply having us remove the device.  

However effective and long-lasting this may be, insertion can cause temporary discomfort for some women, and hormonal IUDs can have side effects that are worth discussing with our team beforehand. 

3. Tubal ligation  

Also known as “getting your tubes tied,” tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that we perform if you’ve decided you don’t want to have children in the future. This option involves blocking or sealing your fallopian tubes, which prevents your eggs from reaching your uterus and sperm from reaching your eggs — putting a stop to the process as a whole.

If you’re looking for a highly effective way to prevent pregnancy with no need for ongoing contraception, this is it. It’s considered a permanent option, but in some cases, you could undergo tubal ligation reversal if something changes down the road.

4. Infertility counseling 

If instead of looking for ways to prevent pregnancy you’re facing challenges conceiving, you have options, too. When you’re planning on a family and you can’t get pregnant, see our team for infertility counseling. 

During these consultations, our fertility specialists assess the potential causes of your infertility and offer assisted reproductive technologies for you to consider to help you overcome the hurdles to starting or expanding your family. 

Reproductive health screenings 

When it comes to your reproductive health, proactive and preventive measures can make a world of difference. That’s why prioritizing regular reproductive health screenings is essential for both men and women. During these screenings, pelvic exams, Pap smears, and STD tests help detect and address potential issues early.  

Family planning is a personal journey, and the right choice for you depends on your specific preferences and future goals. Our team is here to help discuss your options and decide what makes the most sense for you at this point in your journey. 

To learn more about family planning and the options we provide, call the LocalMD office convenient to you or request an appointment online with our team of professionals today.